Life in the Caribbean

Welcome to Ma William and Her Circle of Friends.

Experience village life in Senjo and sweet nostalgia.

Ma William and Her Circle of Friends…a collection of characters portraying life in an island community. The focal point of all that activity is a small shop where these “friends” meet on almost a daily basis with Ma William the head of that group-a sort of matriarch, so to speak.

They each represent “characters” and speak of  “everyday situations” in that community and which are also representative of situations in many other communities throughout the island and even the Caribbean at-large.

Though set in the late 70’s early 80’s we can still associate with the life of these characters, who portray the daily issues of living on the island even to this day: migration, political strife, education, mistrust, village gossip and religion.

This is a story of fictional characters yet a story of real life in a Dominican or even a Caribbean community which resonates with anyone old enough to remember these “good old days.”

 Ma William and Her Circle of Friends is not only a story of Ma William, Ma Simbert, Pappy, Paul, Mr. Jones, Bamboo, Noel, Spanky, Nurse Agatha and Shirley, but in many ways it is the story of the present day situations still existing in our island communities.


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