In Retrospect

Well! If you had asked me a few weeks ago what a Virtual Book Tour was all about or better yet what was involved in doing a Virtual Book Tour, I would not have had a clue. But after last week’s Tour de Ma William and Her Circle of Friends, I think I now have an idea as to what this whole process is all about.

Yes, I stayed home, while Ma William was making the rounds, from site to site. With the help of a few “partners” I was able to step into the world of “Virtual Book Tours,” and the experience was a worthwhile one.

We were thrilled to be hosted by six different Internet sites for six (6) consecutive days beginning on Sunday 13th May. The tour started with a tribute to mothers on Mothers’ Day at SomerEmpress and ended with an interview with Thomson Fontaine of Hosts on the other days included:  Savvy Bookmarketing, The Caribbean Examinations Council, and Besides, I also had postings on Ma William’s Facebook page and my own FB page, Linkedin Groups and Caribbean Literary Salon.

Each day of the tour, I looked at Ma William in a different role—the many that she portrayed in the book. Our hosts’ commitment and willingness to feature us on their sites made this experience a worthwhile one.

Along the way Ma William made many new friends (likes) and subscribers, and we received some encouraging comments.

This tour was an opportunity to share my story, or Ma William’s story if you prefer, with many followers on the hosts’ sites, and was also an opportunity for me to gain some exposure and experience, as a self-published author. We look forward to increased sales as visitors are moved to get the full story of Ma William. To all our new followers, I promise that I will visit your site and say hello. This has been a launching pad and a learning exercise which will enhance our next tour.

The Tour would not have achieved all of this without the help of a few persons (“partners,” I call them) and I’d like to thank them for their support, patience and cooperation. SomerEmpress of, Simone Pasmore at the Caribbean Examinations Council, David F Roberts of, Eunice Nisbett of Savvy Book Marketing, Thomson Fontaine of, and Mr Val Henry and the staff at

This is not the end. I invite you to visit my blog site and read the postings. Do leave your comments and feedback. Let me and other readers know what you think of everything re Ma Williams and Her Circle of Friends and/or the author. I would also like to ask you to take the opportunity to visit the sites of my hosts and show them some love (likes) too!

Blessings all, till the next time.



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