Becoming More Than Before Through Creative Collaboration

It is my pleasure to welcome author Ellen Palestrant as today’s guest blogger as part of the virtual book tour for her book Have You Ever Had a Hunch? The Importance of Creativity.  Here’s Ellen’s post:

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As an adult, filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents of the people you surround yourself with and knowing you could never have made any of these films by yourself. Steven Spielberg           

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Thank you Giftus for hosting me on this virtual book tour celebration for ‘Have you Ever Had a Hunch? The Importance of Creativity,’ and congratulations on your new book! It is always good to connect with another creative counterpart. I look forward to interacting with your audience and welcome their comments or questions.

Even though ­creativity is largely a solitary process, collaborating with others, helps us accumulate a body of criteria from what has worked for others or not, be it in business, art, the sciences, in all manner of productivity. We can now take what we have learnt and apply this knowledge to our own or new fields we are contemplating entering.

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One person cannot be adept in all areas but many hands or minds make light work. I have found that collaborations have presented me with the opportunities to learn about artistic, scientific and philosophical areas outside my everyday experiences and participate in bringing productions that are too big for one person to do alone, to actual completion. What a thrill it then becomes to have a tangible product ready to be sold! I know I could never have done it alone.

I suggest that for all people yearning to expand their work horizons, they remain not only appreciators of the work of others, but also become creators as well in the enterprises of many – when opportunities arise. Conversely, I suggest, you also invite others to become creators in your own areas of expertise. Generously sharing knowledge and experience, is a situation that is good for everyone involved because all can learn and maybe even earn from the unfamiliar areas that have now become comfortable domains.

Allowing collaborative creativity into our lives, gives us added stimulation and the opportunity to work on projects that require many people. Having allowed ourselves to become one of many, we can now return to our solitary work, creatively replenished and expanded, eager to explore and implement our new-found, artistic, commercial, technical or scientific ideas. We have become more than before.


This feature is part of the Virtual Book Tour celebration for Ellen’s book HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creativity. Join the celebration and follow the tour.

Ellen Palestrant is a writer, artist, filmmaker, educator, game inventor, hydroponic farmer, creative conceptualizer and creativity consultant. Among her nine published books, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking is now in its Third Edition.

 “There is a vision that guides a creative process that is uniquely your own,” Palestrant says. “That glimpse of possibility, which often enters our minds unbidden, needs to be respected and not disregarded. It might, after all, contain the potential to become something exciting and unexpected. I call myself a Possibilitiest

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