New Way Forward, Dominica!!!

Sakway tonner!!!

My head is almost ready to explode. I sincerely feel for my fellow islanders, my family and friends. But I honestly do not understand why all this negativity rather than people -the able bodied ones most of all- crying doom and misery. Come on! Get yourself on the bandwagon that is working towards getting DA back on her feet.
As one who is assisting in trying to get help for our people the cry of all doom and gloom and negativity only deflates the spirit. I have stopped listening to the radio and soon may have to filter what I read on Facebook. To every one positive comment there are 3-5 negatives. Bon Dieu! Now!!!
I am in no way trying to downplay the situation but where is that resilience that we are so quick to talk about? I hurt when I hear of the stories of people having lost everything that they labored for all the years. It aches for those who have lost dear ones. It aches for the children, most of all, who are hungry and homeless.
But where is that community spirit? If we talk negative that is all we will see and breathe. Can we put away our pride and lust for power and control; our divisiveness; our unpatriotic postings and phone calls, smearing a country that is down on her knees?
Sometimes, I believe many of us forget whom we are– and try to compare us with the more developed countries, but at what price? I hear of people stealing relief supplies in my home village – I pray that’s not true-and looters all over Roseau and though it seems funny and insignificant to many, it shows that some- some-of our people don’t give a damn about rules, laws or regard for people’s property.
Can we inject some hope into our people? Can we inject some national pride in our people? Can we give thanks that we still have a Dominica to call our own? She is still my home and I am proud to be her son. So many on this earth would gladly give anything to be in this battered country but all we do is cry her down!!
Take this scenario: You suffer a heart attack and you’re rushed to the hospital. You survive. Your doctor visits you and tells you that you had a close call and he tells you what the outlook for recovery is and what you could do in order to get well or avoid the chances of another heart attack. He does not chastise you for the ice cream, white bread and mac and cheese you ate or the beers you drank. Rather, he allows his nutritionists to help you prepare to eat better and guide you as to what to eat and what to avoid when you are released from the hospital.
Maria has come and gone. We can’t bring up all that should have happened. Rather let’s put in place things to prevent such catastrophic losses and lack of preparedness. That’s what this patient, this island and its people want to hear. Nothing, but how we move forward. Division at this critical time can have long lasting repercussions for this rock in the Caribbean Sea.
There are many lessons that Maria has taught us: Our need for more stringent housing codes; regard for the laws of the land as to where we can build and not; the implementation of a bunker ( don’t think we have one) where all essential heads of critical government departments can gather before and during a storm; training of police officers and first responders to be Ham Radio Operators and government having these men as essential employees; and our people taking serious participation in activities and programs re disaster preparedness. I hope The PM or a minister responsible could look at such. I also think many of us should make suggestions-meaningful ones at that-as to how we proceed going forward.
Maria may just be the first of many that we may see in years going forward and we have to act and prepare accordingly. We can’t do things “de same ole way” anymore.
Dominica rose after David. She will rise after Maria. We just have to believe we can.
Dominica Strong. Dominica forever!

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