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One of the main characters in the book Ma William and Her Circle of Friends is Bamboo. He is described as one of the most popular characters in the village of St. Joseph and one of those guys you sometimes hated and other times loved. Bamboo could be very difficult to deal with, especially when he had too many drinks, but otherwise he spent his time moving about the village shops, helping with odd jobs, moving goods, bagging grocery items or pumping cooking oil for the shopkeepers in exchange for a small fee or at times a warm meal.

Bamboo could also be found at the boat-house where he spent a lot of his time, sometimes falling asleep in one of the canoes. He was more of a pest to many people who found him very annoying. But that did not bother Bamboo. He was tall and slim—thus the reason why the village folks had nicknamed him, Bamboo. He was, as they said, tall like a bamboo. He felt very important in the village and he made it known.

Bamboo was unemployed and was somewhat of a wanderer, but you would often find him at Ma William’s shop. The other men who frequented Ma William’s shop thought he was a miser because he never bought them drinks, yet he was always “on time” when a round was being made. That had somewhat driven a little wedge in their friendship at one point, but they had patched things up and were back to their old tricks all over again. Nothing seemed to bother Bamboo one bit. Somehow, he always made himself present.

One of the readers of  Ma William and Her Circle of Friends wrote: “…It brought back many memories and a lot of laughter. Regardless of Dominica or Trinidad, there is a Bamboo in every Caribbean island.”

So what do you think? Is there, or was there a Bamboo in your community whom you could identify with? Can you describe him in 100 words? Share your description of Bamboo and qualify to WIN.

FIRST PRIZE (best character description) — a FREE autographed copy of  Ma William and Her Circle of Friends

SECOND PRIZE—– a FREE autographed copy of Mesye Kwik! Kwak!





CONTEST DATES:  24 September to 5 October 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT DATE:  19 October 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS: Winners will be announced via this blog, Twitter and FaceBook

JUDGING: Our judges will review the submissions with a view to determining the best story which captures a character similar to Bamboo and depicts life in the Caribbean. Some consideration will be given to grammar. 


Join the Contest and let’s have some FUN!!!


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